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We are a Informative and Entertainment based website, that cracks celebrity Lifestyles and Biographies. With us, you can get an insight on your favorite superstar’s lives.

Lifestyle24x7.com was started in June 2021, and has been growing ever since. 

The Website started as a One-Man team, and intends to grow its team. In time, the website will provide Guest Posting Features, and even Content Writing Jobs.

This Website was started by Aditya Gupta, a 23-year old Marketing Graduate from India. 

Aditya is the Sole-Owner, and Founder of Lifestyle24x7, and aims to expand the business extraordinarily, over the span of the upcoming year.


Exclusive Interviews

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Know and Read Detailed Biographies of your Favorite stars, and Get to know them with us.

Aditya Gupta - Author - Lifestyle24x7.com


As being stated above, Lifestyle24x7.com was started in June, 2021. The Owner of the website is Aditya Gupta, a 23- year old Marketing Graduate. Aditya has been a content writer for more than 2 years, and is also an SEO Expert.



In the upcoming years, Aditya intends to grow this into a mainstream website. In time, also try to create job opportunities/content writing jobs for upcoming authors and creators. 

Stay Tuned, and Join the Community (Contact Us Page) to be informed and well-aware of the upcoming plan, projects, and Jobs.

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