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Rohit Khatri Age, Height, Girlfriend, Income, Wiki, Coach, Net worth & more

In this article, we shall know everything there is about India’s very own fitness king– through Rohit Khatri biography, height. We shall discuss everything about Rohit Khatri: Age, Height, Workout Plan, personal training, Everyday diet, weight, income, professional life, businesses, Instagram, Youtube, and more.

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Who is Rohit Khatri?

rohit khatri age, height, biography, body, picture, abs, muscles, arms, transformation

Rohit Khatri (born on 5 July 1996) is an Indian fitness YouTuber from Delhi. As a whole, he is a fitness coach, model, nutritionist, and influencer. Rohit has been in the industry for more than 6 years and amassed more than 10 million followers over his social media accounts. With his regular programs and videos, he aims to help and guide thousands of Indians towards their fitness and health goals.

He is now is one of India’s top fitness and self-help YouTubers and influencers. He’s an extremely kind-hearted and talented person, known mostly for his incredible physique, and his self-improvement tips.

Rohit Khatri age is 25 years, He was born in a Jaat family on 5-July-1996 in Narelle, New Delhi. He started his youtube journey back in 2016. Since then, he has gone on to amass a large number of followers on his youtube channel, as well as his Instagram. With his tips, guides, and plans, Rohit has helped his followers in their fitness journey. Rohit is a popular fitness instructor and nutritionist for fitness workouts/ transformations. He also has different personal training programs for people who want to be coached by him.

Rohit Khatri: Social Media

PERSONAL TRAINING [email protected]

Youtube Channels:

Rohit Khatri FitnessCLICK HERE
Rohit Khatri LifestyleCLICK HERE
Rohit Sonia VlogsCLICK HERE

Rohit Khatri wiki/ Biography:

The start of Rohit Khatri’s biography is with his youtube channel. It basically, was a completely random decision. He already used to upload a lot of his physique pictures on Facebook and Instagram. He got his computer repaired at that time, and saw a lot of people uploading their transformation videos on Youtube.

So, Rohit randomly decided to upload his transformation video as well. Which, fortunately, went viral. And there, started the journey of Rohit Khatri’s fitness channel. Since the start of the channel in 2016, till now, his Youtube channel has amassed a staggering amount of 4.70+ million subscribers.

Rohit has stated in his video that youtube is not a very big source of income for him. Youtube does not give the amount of money that people think it does. Rohit’s youtube revenue is pretty normal, around 1 lakh rupees/month. However, Youtube has helped him create a brand and market value for himself, he is now open to multiple different sources of income, like product endorsements, and personal training programs.

With time, Rohit has now turned towards professional bodybuilding. He was planning to go to a bodybuilding meet, at the end of this year. However, things may have taken a turn and that plan is now in jeopardy.

In November 2018, he started his second YouTube channel named ‘Rohit Khatri’s Lifestyle’ where he uploads his lifestyle videos and vlogs. He has around 79k subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Rohit Khatri’s Lifestyle‘.

He then started his third youtube channel named ‘Rohit Soniya Vlogs’. There, he uploads vlogs and daily videos with his girlfriend Soniya. He has also gained around 240k subscribers on this channel. These three channels are his source of income, along with personal training programs, affiliate marketing, product endorsements, brand deals, and investments.


Rohit Khatri: Family

rohit khatri family, wife, mother, biography, age, height, weight
Rohit with his Mother

There’s not much info available about Rohit Khatri’s family and personal life. Regardless of being very popular and respected among his fans, he decides to keep his personal and professional life apart. Which, in my opinion, is the correct decision. He is a pretty down-to-earth person and puts grave importance on his relationships.

FATHERPassed away
MOTHERNot disclosed
BROTHERNot disclosed

On to the next section of this Rohit Khatri biography/wiki.


Personal Information:

Here is Rohit Khatri: Age, height, and other personal information that his fans often like to know about. In this, we will include everything about his age, height, body measurements, and etc.

Rohit Khatri AGE:

So, Rohit Khatri age, as of 2021, is 25 years old.

Age25 years old

Rohit Khatri BIRTHDATE:

As said by himself, Rohit’s Birthdate is on 5th July 1996.

Birthdate5th July 1996

Rohit Khatri’S HOME:

Rohit was born and resides in Narela, New Delhi, India.

HometownNew Delhi, India
ResidencyNew Delhi, India

Rohit Khatri’S PROFESSION:

He is a famous Youtuber, Nutritionist, and fitness Trainer, through his available workout programs.

ProfessionYoutuber, Bodybuilder, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

Rohit Khatri’S FOLLOWERS:

His Instagram has – 224k followers. Meanwhile, his youtube channels:

  • Rohit Khatri Fitness – 4.7+ million subscribers
  • Rohit Khatri Lifestyle – 78k + subscribers
  • Rohit Sonia Vlogs – 248k+ subscribers

Rohit Khatri HEIGHT:

Rohit Khatri height is 5 feet 11 inches. In cms – 180 cms / 1.80 m

Height5 feet 11 inches

Rohit Khatri’s WEIGHT:

He weighs in at around 80 kgs.

Weight80 kgs


He has not revealed anything about his qualifications or family. He is now a Fitness Youtuber, fitness model, speaker, coach, and nutritionist.

Rohit Khatri Girlfriend:

Rohit Khatri’s girlfriend’s name is Sonia Singh. Both of these are famous fitness influencers and have been dating for more than a year. They have also started a youtube channel together called ‘Rohit Sonia Vlogs’, which is very close to now completing 250k subscribers. Both of these have become a fan-favorite couple, and are striving for success together.

rohit khatri posing with his girlfriend sonia, car biography


The first time Rohit got under the spotlight of the fans was because of his transformation video. He uploaded a motivational 60-day transformation video on his channel, which went viral and got millions of views. He went on to upload an entire 60-day video series, documenting his entire transformation journey.

“There will be a lot of people to talk, but I’ll be the one to do it. I’ll work so hard, that will be no match for it”, stated Rohit in his motivational video.

“If you want to achieve your dream physique, remember, nutrition is the most important factor. Working out is only 30% of the process, the rest depends on your diet and recovery. Only training hard, and lifting a bunch of weights will not help you achieve your dream body, you need to focus on proper nutrition. I faced a lot of challenges in my way. A lot of people challenged me, criticized me, accused me of false allegations. I was made fun of, on social media. But that doesn’t matter to me. They can speak, but I’ll show them how it’s done. Change and switch around your lifestyle, stay focused and dedicated towards your goal. You will have time to relax afterward. Chase your dreams now”, Rohit added.

rohit khatri body transformation information, biography


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SportsmanVirendra Sehwag,
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FoodChicken & Veggies
MoviesGully Boy – Ranveer Singh
Red, Grey

Here, we learned everything personal about Rohit Khatri: Age, height, weight, income, net worth, and all. Now, On to the next section of this Rohit Khatri biography/wiki.

Rohit Khatri: Income/Net Worth

rohit khatri girlfriend -

A lot of his fans have questioned this,

”How much is Rohit Khatri: Net Worth?”

  • Rohit Khatri’s net worth, as of this year, is around $20,000 – $ 25,000 USD i.e. Rs. 15 lakhs – 38 lakh INR. His net worth comes from his mainstream careers .i.e Bodybuilding, Youtube career and Social media.

Here’s a complete breakdown:

Rohit Khatri: NET WORTH

The net worth of a person depends on a lot of factors and varies from person to person. Also, it keeps growing or decreasing year by year, depending on the person’s growth, or losses being incurred. Here is the Rohit net worth:

Rs. 15 – 38 Lakhs INR$ 20,000-25,000 USD

Rohit Khatri’s net worth, as of this year, is around $20,000 – $25,000 USD, which is around Rs. 15 lakhs – 38 lakhs INR. His net worth comes from his career, youtube sources, youtube channels, brand deals, brand value, acting career, youtube following, Instagram following, social media influence, and more.

Rohit Khatri: INCOME/Earnings

Rohit Khatri(s) youtube income, monthly earnings, yearly earnings, income sources, net worth:

Daily Income$40  –  $641 Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 40,000
Weekly Income$281  –  $4.5K Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 2.5 lakhs
Monthly Income$1.1K  –  $18.3K Rs. 1 lakh – Rs. 12 lakhs
Yearly Income$13.7K  –  $219.8K Rs. 10 lakhs – 1.2 crore+
Lifetime earningUpdating soonUpdating Soon
SourcesYoutube ads, Brand DealsYoutube Ads, Brand Deals

This was Rohit Khatri(‘s) youtube income, monthly income, daily income, weekly income, monthly income, yearly income, lifetime income through his youtube Ad revenue only:

Rohit earns money through his Youtube (ads), Product endorsements, Affiliate Marketing, Workout Programs, providing personal training, investments, and real estate plans. His actual income is not been disclosed. It could be around 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs per month.


Physical Appearance:

Rohit Khatri Fitness, Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Net Income personal  life: lifestyle24x7
AGE25 years old
HEIGHT5’11 feet, 180 cms
WEIGHT80 kgs, around 170 lbs


CHEST34 inches
BICEPS19 inches
THIGHS30 inches
WAIST28 inches

(These are an estimated amount of ‘inches’, it could also be higher or lower.)

On to the next section of this Rohit Khatri biography/wiki.


Rohit Khatri: Diet Plan

This is Rohit Khatri’s diet plan, that he revealed in his full day of eating video.

First thing after waking up:

  • L carnitine
  • 1500 mg + Vitamin B

After a while:

  • 1 cup of coffee

Meal #1:

This is a breakfast meal.

  • Oats + Almonds + 1 scoop whey protein
  • 3 boiled potato + Curd (dahi)
  • 6 eggs (4 egg whites + 2 whole eggs)

Meal #2:

This is a pre-workout meal.

  • 5 Rasgulle

Meal #3:

This is a post-workout meal.

  • 1 and a half scoop of whey protein
  • 3 tbsp glucose (Glucon-D)
  • With water

Meal #4:

  • 4 chapati
  • Dal 1 bowl
  • Chicken boiled – 200 grams

Meal #5:

  • Dal & Chawal
  • 1 scoop of whey with water

This was the entirety of Rohit Khatri’s diet plan / full day of eating:

Rohit Khaatri: Diet Plan / Diet Chart

Meal 1
  • Oats + Almonds + 1 scoop whey protein, 3 boiled potato + Curd (Dahi), 6 eggs (4 egg whites + 2 whole eggs)
  • Meal 2
  • 5 Rasgulle
  • Meal 3
  • 1 and a half scoop of whey protein, 3 tbsp glucose (Glucon-D)With water
  • Meal 4
  • 4 chapati, Dal 1 bowl, Chicken boiled – 200 grams
  • Meal 5
  • Dal & Chawal, 1 scoop of whey with water
  • On to the next section of this Rohit Khatri biography/wiki.

    SECTION 5:

    Rohit Khatri: Workout Plan

    rohit khatri body transformation, height, age, weight, bodybuilding, workout plan / routine, diet plan

    This is the workout plan that Rohit suggested in one of his videos. This is a customized workout routine that best suits muscle growth and strength.

    Day 1: Legs workout


    • Warm up and do some dynamic stretches.
    • 2 sets of light weight leg extensions and 10-15 free body weight squats to Warmup properly.
    • Barbell squats
    • 2 Warmup sets with a light weight for 15 reps
    • 3 working sets for 8-10 reps
    • 60-90 second rest periods
    • Leg press
    • 3 sets for 8-12 reps
    • 40 seconds rest periods
    • Leg extensions
    • 4 sets 10-15 reps
    • 50 seconds rest periods
    • Leg curls
    • 4 sets 10-15 reps
    • 40 seconds rest periods
    • Calf raises
    • 3 sets 15-20 reps
    • 40 second rest periods

    Finish with static stretching for the muscle to cool down.

    Day 2: Chest & Shoulders

    Start with warming up your muscles.


    • Flat Bench press
    • 2 Warmup sets for 12-15 reps
    • 3 working sets for 8-10 reps
    • Cable flies
    • 3 sets of 8-12 reps ( high to low)
    • 3 sets of 8-12 reps (low to high)
    • Parallel Dips
    • 3 sets of 10-15 reps


    • Dumbbell Overhead Press
    • 3 sets of 10-15 reps
    • Side Lateral Raises
    • 3 sets of 10-15 reps
    • Reverse Pec dec Flys
    • 3 sets of 10-15 reps

    End with 5-10 minutes of static stretching for the muscle to cool down.

    Day 3: Biceps & Triceps


    • Overhead extensions
    • 4 total working sets
    • 15, 12, 10, 8 reps per set
    • Rope Pushdown
    • 3 sets till failure
    • Then, Hit a dropset, and do 15-20 total reps in the set.
    • Close grip bench press
    • 3 sets till failure.


    • Seated Dumbbell curls
    • 3 sets 8-10 reps
    • 40 seconds rest
    • Hammer curls
    • 2-3 sets for 6-10 reps
    • 40 seconds rest periods


    • Farmers walk
    • 2-3 sets of 10-20 seconds
    • 30 second rest periods

    Do 10-15 minutes of static stretching at the end.

    Day 4: Cardio + Legs

    • 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill
    • Same routine for Legs as above.

    Day 5: Lower Back + Traps + Rear Delts

    • Heavy deadlifts
    • 4 total sets
    • 6-8 reps per set
    • Dumbbell shrugs
    • 4 total working sets
    • 15 reps each set, squeeze at top.
    • Face pulls
    • 4 total working sets
    • 15 reps per set
    • Rear delt flys
    • 4 working sets
    • 12-15 reps each set
    • Hyper extensions
    • 4 sets of 10-15 reps

    Day 6: Back workout

    Pull workouts include training your back and biceps together. Again, because these are complementary muscle groups, it’s best to train them together. But, Rohit trains his biceps on arms day, and back on a separate day. And again, he, for bodybuilding, believes this to be the best routine for himself.

    For Back:

    • Pull ups or Chin ups
    • 3 sets of 8-15 reps
    • 60 seconds rest period
    • Conventional deadlifts
    • Take one or two warmup sets for 10-12 reps
    • Do 3 working sets of 8-10 reps
    • 100 seconds rest periods
    • One arm dumbbell Rows
    • 3 sets 6-10 reps
    • Try to increase the weight every set.
    • 50 seconds rest
    • One arm cable rows
    • 3 sets 10-12 reps
    • 40 seconds rest periods
    • Seated cable rowing
    • 3 sets for 10-12 reps
    • 40-45 seconds rest periods
    • Wide grip dumbbell shrugs (for traps)
    • 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps
    • 40 seconds rest periods

    Finish with 5-10 minutes of static stretching, for the muscle to cool down.

    This is what Rohit Khatri’s workout routine [3] looks like:

    MONDAYLeg workout
    TUESDAYChest & Shoulders
    WEDNESDAYBiceps & Triceps
    THURSDAYCardio & Legs
    FRIDAYLower back, Traps
    Rear Delts
    SATURDAYBack workout
    SUNDAYRest Day

    In this article, we’ve discussed everything related to Rohit. Rohit Khatri biography/wiki, Rohit Khatri age, Rohit Khatri height, wife, girlfriend, family, income stats, net worth, and all.

    SECTION 6:

    Rohit Khatri’s Youtube:

    Road to Amateur series:

    First professional shoot video:

    Rohit Khatri: personal training review

    If you are considering taking up Rohit Khatri’s personal training plan, you should. Regardless of Rohit’s image in the market, he is a genuine person and does a pretty good job with his training program. You will get:

    • Personalised meal plan (according to requirements)
    • Customized workout routine
    • Personal guidance (on call)
    • The program costs Rs.3000.

    Is Rohit Khatri’s personal training worth it?

    • Yes, it definitely is. Watch this video for a more detailed view.

    Rohit Khatri: Cars Collection

    In his car collection, Rohit owns two cars and a bike. A Maruti Suzuki Swift, a Brand new Mercedes, and a Black Royal Enfield.

    Rohit Kathri Fitness posing with his bike, black royal enflied, biography
    rohit khatri in his brand new mercedes car - biography, age, height, weight

    Rohit Khatri’s Girlfriend pics:

    rohit khatri posing with his girlfriend sonia inside gym - age, height, weight, biography, net worth
    rohit khatri girlfriend sonia bikini picture instagram

    Read more Biographies of:

    This was it for the Rohit Khatri biography/wiki. We learned all personal information of Rohit Khatri: Age, height, income, net worth, girlfriend, family and all.Rohit khatri wiki.

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