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Somya Daundkar Bio, Age, Birthday, Phone Number, Income, Net Worth

In this article, we shall learn everything about Somya Daundkar: Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Boyfriend, hot image/pics, income, net worth, and more. We have discussed life in detail in this ‘Who is Somya Daundkar’: Biography/Wikipedia.

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Who is Somya Daundkar?

somya daundkar - pikaa biography, images -

Somya Daundkar (born on 12 November 2000) is an Indian TikTok star, YouTuber, content creator, and social media/fashion influencer. She is also known as ‘Somya Pikaa’ among her fans. As a whole, Somya has gathered a staggering amount of over 15+ million followers throughout her social media handles, with TikTok having the highest following number. She was born in Pune, Maharashtra

She gained popularity with the help of her tik tok account/fanbase. With time, Somya grew her social media presence, with the help of Tik Tok, Instagram, and youtube.

Somya Daundkar: Birthday date is 12 November 2000, and she is 22 years old, as of 2022. Somya finished her schooling at St. Xavier’s High School, Pune, and later joined the University of Pune, to pursue her further studies. She also did a lot of auditions for TV shows and serials, along with pursuing her modeling career.


As being said, she gained a lot of success, fame, and popularity within a shorter period of time on various social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. On Instagram, she has a huge fan following of 3+ million followers. We will talk about this in the sections up ahead.

She started her career with Tik Tok a few years ago and is very famous for her consistent lip-sync and fashion videos that she shares on her Tik Tok account. Somya first came into the spotlight and became popular when her video went viral and got more than 6 million likes on it. She now has more than 200+ million likes on her TikTok profile.

With time, Somya also joined Instagram and started posting her videos, tik toks, fashion outfits, and modeling pictures on her account. Since then, she has gained a much bigger fanbase and built a career for herself.

Somya Daundkar: SOCIAL MEDIA:



Here are her personal details. If you wish to contact her, you can use the social media links provided above. Or, we have also provided you with Somya Daundkar: Phone number, official email, and more.

Phone/Contact Number+91 9833 XXXXXX
Official EMAIL@somyianss

On to the next section of the Somya Daundkar biography/Wikipedia, and more:


Somya Daundkar: Family/ Bf

Somya Daundkar family photo - mother -
Somya with her mother

There’s not much info available about the Somya Daundkar family, lifestyle, and personal life. Regardless of being very popular and respected among his fans, she decides to keep his personal and professional life apart. Which, in my opinion, is the correct decision. Somya is a pretty down-to-earth person and puts grave importance on his relationships.

FATHERMr. Daundkar
MOTHERMrs. Daundkar
SISTERDoll Daundkar

Here’s more information:

About Somya Daundkar’s Family:

Somya Daundkar’s father’s name has not been disclosed, her mother’s name isn’t disclosed either. In terms of siblings, Somya has a sister – Doll Daundkar, who is a TikTok star just as popular as her.

The professions of any of Doll Daundkar’s family members(father, mother) have not been disclosed. Doll posts pictures with her mother, and sister, very often. However, that’s not the case with her father. Doll has never posted a picture with her father, and there is no info available either. It could be that her father is no more, or her parents are separated. However, nothing has been confirmed by Somya, Hence, it’s best not to assume things. We recon that Somya’s mother is a housewife, and her sister is a media celebrity.

Apart from these, not much info is available about Somya Daundkar’s family life. She keeps her personal life private and posts pictures with them only occasionally.

Somya Daundkar: Boyfriend/ Bf

Boyfriend/ BfArhaan Khan (Lucky Dancer)

Somya has never been a part of any controversies, nor been involved in any dating rumors. However, there was an exception.

Somya was rumored to be dating one of her close friends – Arhaan Khan (lucky dancer). Her fans believed them to be in a relationship, as they were seen spending a lot of quality time together and posting pictures. However, the situation of their relationship was neither confirmed nor denied by any of the parties, and it still is a rumor.

As of 2022, it’s safe to say, Somya is single.

About Somya Daundkar’s Lifestyle:

Somya leads a very normal and straightforward life. She earns money through her social media and modeling career. Not much info is available about her entire lifestyle, as she doesn’t really post or share anything other than her pictures, and reels, on her Instagram account.

On to the next section of the Somya Daundkar Biography/Wiki:


Personal Information:

Here are some of his personal information that his fans often like to know. In this, we will include everything about Somya Daundkar: Age, Birthday, Height, Boyfriends, news, body measurements, Hot images/pics and etc.

Somya Daundkar AGE:

The age of Somya Daundkar, as of 2022, is 22 years old.

AGE (2022)22 years old

Somya Daundkar HEIGHT(IN FEET):

Somya’s height (in feet) is 5 feet 5 inches, in centimeters, it is 165 cms, 1.65 m.

Height5 feet 5 inches, 165 inches

Somya Daundkar WEIGHT(IN KGS):

Somya weighs in at around 50 kgs.

Weight50 kgs

Somya Daundkar BIRTHDAY:

Somya’s date of birth is 12 November 2000.

Birthday12 November 2000

Somya Daundkar Religion:

Somya is a Maharashtrian, from Pune.


Somya Daundkar’s HOME:

Somya was born and resides in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

HometownPune, Maharashtra, India
ResidencyPune, Maharashtra, India

Somya Daundkar’s PROFESSION:

TikTok star, Instagram Model, Social media influencer, YouTuber, Fashion and Style Influencer

Somya is an Indian TikTok star, Instagram Model, Social media influencer, YouTuber, Fashion and Style Influencer.

Somya Daundkar’s HOBBIES:

Somya’s hobbies include Dancing, making tik-toks, doing Instagram lives, acting practice, modeling, and more. She has been seen spending her free time doing one of these things, either going live on Instagram/Facebook, making youtube videos, making tik toks, taking pictures, etc.

Somya Daundkar’s FOLLOWERS:

Her Instagram has more than 3+ million followers. Meanwhile, her other social media profile followers are:

Instagram3+ million followers 
Facebook Page6+ lakhs followers
Tik Tok ID12+ million fans

Somya also has followers on her Twitter, and Facebook profiles, along with her Instagram reels viewership.

Somya Daundkar EDUCATION:

Hailing from the city of Pune, Somya is pursuing her further studies. She is now a social media influencer and model. More details about Somya’s Education, college, and school are given below:

SchoolSt. Xavier’s High School, Pune
CollegePune University
EducationPursuing Graduation

As stated above, Somya has done her schooling at St. Xavier’s High School, Pune, and pursued her further studies at the University of Pune. She is pursuing her graduation and degree studies and is now a full-time content creator.

Somya Daundkar BOYFRIEND:

Somya was rumored to be dating one of her close friends – Arhaan Malik, however, it was never confirmed. So, safe to say, she has no boyfriend/ affairs. As of 2022, Somya is single.


SingersDarshan Rawal, Tony Kakkar
ActorsAditya Roy Kapoor, John Abraham
ActressAlia Bhatt, Disha Patani
SportsmanDavid Beckham, Virat Kohli
InspirationsLele Pons
HobbyTikTok, Eating
FoodIndian, Mexican
Movies3 Idiots, YJHD
DestinationSwitzerland, Finland
ColorBlack & Baby Blue

Now that we’ve discussed everything about the Somya Daundkar: Age, Birthday, height in feet, Family, News, Boyfriends, weight, family, likes, and all. Let’s move on to the next section of the Somya Daundkar Biography/Wiki:


Somya Daundkar: Income & Net Worth

Somya Daundkar - Lucky Dancer - Doll Daundkar -
Somya with friends

Firstly, In this section, we shall talk all about Somya Daundkar’s net worth, and total income/income sources.

Somya Daundkar: NET WORTH 2022

The net worth of a person depends on a lot of factors and varies from person to person. Also, it keeps growing or decreasing year by year, depending on the person’s growth, or losses being incurred. Here is Somya’s net worth 2022:

Rs. 7 Lakhs – 12 lakhs INR$ 10,000 – 15,000 USD

The Somya Daundkar net worth, as of 2022, is around $10,000 – $15,000, which is around Rs. 7 lakhs – 12 lakh rupees.

Net Worth Sources: Youtube channels, Fan following, brand deals, brand value, acting career, tik tok following, Instagram following, social media influence, and more.

Somya Daundkar: Income/ Earnings

Have you been wondering, “How much does Somya Pikaa earn?”. Well, to cut to the chase, Somya approximately earns around Rs. 1 – Rs. 3 lakhs/month.

Here’s the breakdown: Somya has a number of income sources, she has been in the media industry for more than 4 years now. Her main sources of income are her youtube channel, Acting Career, Ad Commercials, Social media marketing youtube channel, product endorsements, affiliate marketing programs, and more.

Income & Earnings: Modeling/ Social Media

Modeling (Income)Rs. 50,000 – 1 lakh INR/Month
Social Media (Income)Rs. 20,000 – 50,000 INR/ Month

Somya Daundkar’s total monthly income and salary comes from her various sources like Modeling Career (Rs. 50k – 1 lakh), and Social media (Rs. 20k – Rs. 50k). One of her biggest income sources is her Youtube channel. Let’s know more about her youtube channel, and how much she earns from it.

Youtube Income/ Earnings:

Somya Daundkar - Somya Pikaa - youtube channel analytics -
Youtube channel analytics

“How much does Somya Daundkarr earn from youtube?”. Well, to cut to the chase, she earns around Rs. 49,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs/month from her youtube channel. Look at the detailed income breakdown below:

Daily Income$18  –  $283Rs. 1,300 – Rs. 20,000
Weekly Income$124  –  $2KRs. 9,000 – Rs. 1.5 lakhs
Monthly Income$531  –  $8.5KRs. 49,000 – Rs. 6.3 lakhs
Yearly Income$6.4K  –  $101.9KRs. 4.7 lakhs – Rs. 74 lakhs +
Lifetime earningUpdating soonUpdating soon
SourcesYoutube ads, Brand DealsYoutube ads, Brand Deals

This is youtube income only

This is her average youtube ad revenue, Somya Daundkar (youtube)income, weekly income, monthly income, yearly income, and earnings. He earns much more than this, through her products endorsements, brand deals, and affiliate marketing.

This was the entirety of Somya Daundkar’s income/monthly earnings.


Physical Appearance/ Sizes:

Somya Daunkar biography/images -

In this section, we will know about Somya Daundkar: Age, Height (in feet), weight, hair, thigh size, waist size, chest size, and more.

AGE22 years old (as of 2022)
HEIGHT5’5 feet, 165 cms
WEIGHT50 kgs, around 110 lbs


BREAST SIZE32 inches
WAIST26 inches
THIGHS30 inches

(These are an estimated/approx amount of ‘inches’, it could also be higher or lower.)


Somya Daundkar: Biography/ Wiki

Somya’s Birthday date is 12 November 2000, and she is 22 years old, as of 2022. Somya finished her schooling at St. Xavier’s High School, Pune, and later joined the University of Pune, to pursue her further studies.

  • Somya started out her career back in 2017-18, with the TikTok platform.
  • She started by uploading regular TikTok lip-syncing, skits, and dance videos.
  • She quickly gained popularity, and a large amount of followers on her TikTok followers.
  • With time, Somya started uploading more and more vidoes, and skits.
  • She later combined fashion and entertainment all together.
  • Somya started uploading her fashion and style vidoes, along with her comedy skits.

Now, Somya Daundkar’s TikTok followers had grown to over 12+ million, the number of her Instagram followers crossed 3+ million followers.

  • In time, Somya started her modeling journey. And, is now a very well-known professional in the field.

With time, Somya also joined Instagram and started posting her videos, tik toks, fashion outfits, and modeling pictures on her account. Since then, she has gained a much bigger fanbase and built a career for herself.

She is pursuing her further studies and is a full-time content creator as well. We have also provided you with Somya Daundkar without makeup images amove.

This was it for the Somya Daundkar Biography/Wiki. Thanks for reading!


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